Over the years, EurocomItalia has distinguished itself by receiving numerous awards for its long-standing commitment to environmental conservation.

In particular, the product TRENINO made from post-consumer recycled plastic was honored with the first prize for the best European product in recycled plastic.

The award ceremony took place in Madrid during an international competition that involved fifteen European countries and more than 90 manufacturers, including major international companies. This recognition was particularly significant for EurocomItalia as it was achieved in a context of high importance and competitiveness.

For a long time, EurocomItalia has been dedicated to environmental initiatives, not only through their innovative material STRONGPLAST but also by creating fully eco-sustainable playgrounds and products for urban lighting and furnishing, derived from eco-compatible processes. Sustainability remains a fundamental pillar of the company's philosophy.

It is important to emphasize that all products of EurocomItalia are 100% MADE IN ITALY, as they are conceived, designed, and manufactured within the company itself. This aspect further reinforces their commitment to local production and the quality of their items.

The award received is not solely attributed to EurocomItalia but represents a shared recognition with all the customers, friends, and collaborators who have supported the company over the years and believed in their products.

The award was presented during the identiPlast 2011 event in Madrid, where the central theme was "Identifying drivers to avoid wasting plastic in landfills." EurocomItalia has proven to be at the forefront in the fight against plastic waste and the responsible use of recycled materials.

The organization EPRO acknowledged the value of the TRENINO product and its contribution to the environment. We hope that this success will continue to inspire other companies to follow EurocomItalia's example in promoting ecology and sustainability in the plastic industry.