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Eurocomitalia was established in 1995 after more than 20 years of craftsmanship experience in the lighting and urban street furniture field.

We are among the leading manufacThanks to twenty years of experience and our own cast iron foundries, we are able to produce any type of aluminum or cast iron element.

We are specialized in the construction of models, relying on our expert craftsmen to build them.

The various  iron castings are made using traditional materials, expertise craftsmanship and fine design.
Antique craftsmanship together with modern technology, merge to create excellently manufactured products: urban street furniture and artistic light posts, roundabout/traffic rotary or circle poles, bus shelters and many other decorative components for city living ,turers of urban street furniture; lamp posts and light fixtures for public lighting.

We produce many types of poles and posts, such as our steel and cast iron collection, assembled on tapered steel tubes.
these posts are made up of cast iron bases and different decorative cast iron elements; the final product results in elegant furniture configurations.
Another collection is our “tuttoghisa”  in artistic cast iron, assembled with steel bolts and screws.
We specialize in restoring antique posts, light fixtures  and furniture according to current rules and regulations.
We also produce a series of die-cast aluminum poles to decorate and enchant villas and gardens.

Simplicity in style and diligent research of historical facts, make of our street furniture and public lighting, essential and integral elements in the décor and beauty of each single city.
are part of our collection, the poles and street furniture classics that find themselves in their aesthetic forms dating back to ancient historical periods of great artistic interest.
Capitals, flowers, ornaments and doodles of our products are a classic decoration for any city.
The support and complete our product line, the new modern styles with a thorough search of references to classic.
The union of experience and technical expertise, and new products are created with a vision innovitivi careful and always looks to the future, while retaining the elegant style of classic and eternal.
In addition, attention and care for all new lighting technologies.
interpret customer requirements, creating designs on request and are always open to new artistic discoveries.

 We are a reference point for companies, government organizations and private businesses, providing our clients with all the modern projecting technology necessary.

We also manufacture furnishings for villas, gardens and carry out custom-made steel and stainless steel projects.

An assortment of STRONGPLAST (heterogeneous plastmix plastic) playground equipment and different furnishings, complete our vast array of outdoor products.

Government organizations, authorities, and  businesses of all kinds, do not hesitate to contact us for further information or project planning advice.