Headquaters and brands


Our historic headquarters, where we have been operating since 1992, is the place where many of our most successful products have come to life and materialized. Here, we have brought to fruition the groundbreaking ideas that have made our company a thriving enterprise. Some of these include our "inclusive games made from recycled plastic," which have breathed new life into traditional recycled plastic park installations by introducing the concept of inclusivity.

The "Strongplast train," recognized by the international community and a recipient of the prestigious EPRO award, has solidified our position as leaders in the fields of sustainability and innovation. We have also crafted innovative elements of artistic illumination designed and built for numerous clients in Italy and around the world.

Within our headquarters, we have embarked on the development of highly successful state-of-the-art smart furnishings. In essence, our historic headquarters serves as the beating heart of our operations, where innovation, sustainability, and creativity come together to give birth to products of significant value and impact. These contributions extend to the enhancement of urban spaces worldwide.

Our new headquarters, where we have centralized our production activities, research, and development of smart products. Starting from scratch in this new location, we design the hardware of our products, develop the software, and physically create the product from the ground up. We are delighted to host our clients in a smart and innovative environment to collaboratively design the city of the future with them.

STRONGPLAST - REMADEPLAST  | Loc. sa Stoia z.i. Iglesias
The beating heart of our recycled plastic elements production activity. This is where we create recycled plastic profiles from scratch, which we then use for the manufacture of our products. With a steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability, we have always been at the forefront of ecological efforts, and we are the sole producer of recycled plastic profiles in Italy.