Software development

Eurocomitalia is a leading company in the development of highly technological software solutions for Smart Cities and commercial use. Among its flagship products are "Viva Portal," the Smart City software, and the B2B platform called "FactoryFlow."

The "Viva Portal" software is specifically designed for Smart Cities and offers a wide range of advanced features to optimize and manage public services, infrastructure, and environmental sustainability. With its intuitive interface and powerful analytical capabilities, "Viva Portal" enables local administrations to make data-driven decisions and improve the quality of life for citizens. This software allows monitoring of traffic, energy management, public lighting, waste collection, and other crucial aspects of Smart Cities, fostering efficient and sustainable urban resource management.

On the other hand, the B2B platform "FactoryFlow" is purpose-built to streamline and automate sales and production processes in the industrial sector. Providing a collaborative digital environment, this platform allows companies to manage their sales and production operations efficiently and cohesively. "FactoryFlow" enhances communication across different stages of the supply chain, simplifying interactions with suppliers, customers, and business partners. Through its automation capabilities for tasks such as orders, production planning, and inventory monitoring, "FactoryFlow" enables companies to reduce production times and improve overall efficiency, leading to increased sales and enhanced market competitiveness.

With these powerful software solutions, Eurocomitalia establishes itself as a leader in the Smart City and commercial automation industry, contributing to the transformation of cities into intelligent and sustainable environments and facilitating the success of businesses in the B2B context.

FactoryFlow software is a comprehensive solution that not only optimizes and automates sales and production processes in the industrial sector but is also specialized in enabling public administrations to interface with private companies. This makes it a B2PA (Business-to-Public Administration) and B2GO (Business-to-Government) software.

Thanks to its advanced collaboration and communication capabilities, FactoryFlow allows public administrations to interact efficiently with private companies involved in projects and initiatives for the development and implementation of Smart Cities. The platform facilitates the management of relationships between the public and private sectors, facilitating the sharing of information, project planning and execution, as well as oversight of activities.

FactoryFlow's versatility in providing solutions for both private and public sectors makes it a crucial tool for building collaborative partnerships and for implementing cutting-edge urban and technological development projects.