Lotus SMART BIN with solar charge

Lotus SMART BIN with solar charge capacity 120 lt.

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The new LOTUS smart Bin was created to modernize today’s cities with innovative technologies in the context of control and use of specific functionalities aimed at satisfying the modern needs of citizens.

  • The bin is composed as follows :
  • steel supporting structure;
  • Built-in photovoltaic panel cover;
  • Internal basket in rotational molded polyethylene, capacity 120 lt;
  • "Vision" smart sensor (see product details);
Thanks to its innumerous technological functions, it is possible to efficiently manage the recycling of urban wastes in order to obtain an enormous energy saving. 

The smart bin is made to contain a large amount of urban wastes.
 It is able to communicate directly with the VIVA Portal and visualize real time information on waste collection quantity. 

The magic happens thanks to the modules, the heart of the VIVA system ; they allow you to show the contents where you want it.

Filling data :  Accurate detection and historical storage of container filling data.
Report :  data report for collection of filled containers and indications regarding the best collection route to follow, plus helps to control CO2 emissions.  
Monitoring :  with map view it is possible  to check  filling level and other information of interest.
Total Control :  Access via WIFI and CLOUD interface for displaying real time data and control.
InfoSensor :  Information from sensors such as temperature, humidity. Motion and air quality.
VivaPortal :  Connected to customized user information portal. 
Geoloc :  Geolocation of the product. 
Alarm :  Real-time alarms in the presence of vandalism and or tampering.

Backup supply Voltage :  230V AC. Compacting System : Using a compacting system for the internal wastes (optional)
Security door system : Using RFID to open pre-installed configuration (optional)
Ambient light Colour : white, red , blue (optional).
Internet technology : GSM / UMTS. 
Battery pack : Type AGM / Capacity:  0.36 kWh. 
Photovoltaic modules : Monocrystalline 30W power.

art. 311381 CO2 pollution sensor.
art. 311382 Vandal-proof presence sensor.
art. 311383 GPS position sensor.
art. 311384 Dimmable RGBW LED light with selectable system scenarios.
art. 311385 Custom print on the smart module.
art. 311386 RAL color painting on request.
Art.311389 Anti Bacter UVC LED  valid to inactivate COVID19 virus ( view related document )