Sport equipment for Urban fitnes type inclusive

Sport equipment for Urban fitnes type inclusive

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According to standard EN 16630: Shock-absorbing floor not needed according to HIC test of standard EN-1176. 
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See details on the protection of materials. Vedi specifiche sulla protezione dei materiali..

The trapezoidal legs of the bench are prepared for M10 steel bolt anchoring.

Designed for a wide age group. Its mechanisms help to minimise physical effort, as well as optimising performance.

The various parts of the UrbaGym circuit are made with a steel column 140 mm in diameter and 3 mm thick as an element for support. 

The rest of the material used in the components boasts similar qualities as regards strength and thickness.

The pieces are finished with a powder coating formulated with epoxy and polyester resins, which are TGIC-free. It is applied in an automated painting process with two layers of cleaning, drying, application of powder and thermal hardening at 210º C to ensure resistance to corrosion of over 240 hours in tests in a saline cloud chamber.

In this process a double layer of paint is used which includes an initial primer of epoxy rich in zinc and an outer layer of high quality polyester. The result of the painting process is a uniform protective layer which is never below an average of between 100 and 130 micras.

Replacements are available and an after sales service is provided throughout the lifetime of the parts.

According to standard EN 16630, an information notice must be visible at installations for physical training equipment.